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Year 6


Mrs McVey – Mrs Wilkin – Mrs Shaughnessy

Welcome to the class page of the most talented, generous, kind-hearted and hardworking Year 6 class in existence.



As always, Year 6 pupils are called to lead by example by living our mission statement and our motto each and every day.  We strive to grow in faith and love as we look beyond ourselves…


Even though Year 6 still cannot yet carry out their usual duties around school, they can still look for ways to let their lights shine in the school and parish community.


BREAKFAST is a really important meal.  Currently with the measures we have put in place to keep your child safe, our morning break is later than it used to be meaning two lessons are taught before break and one after.  It is essential that pupils have had breakfast if they are to concentrate fully on their learning.  Thank you for your continued support.  (Breakfast club is available at school if families wish to use this facility.)




Learning in Year 6


In RE, pupils will study ‘Easter’, ‘Pentecost’, ‘Belonging to the Church Community’ and ‘Mary and the Saints’. The pupils will also share what they have previously learned about other world faiths with a particular focus on Islam.



In Maths, pupils will learn how to find the area of squares, rectangles, parallelograms and triangles.  They will learn how to measure and draw angles accurately.  Pupils will collect and represent data using a range of graphs and charts, including pie charts. Also, pupils will continue to practise their arithmetic skills (including fractions and percentages) applying their knowledge to an ever wider range of problems and puzzles.



In English, Year 6 will study flash fiction, persuasion, discussion and poetry. Year 6 will also continue their own personal writing projects where they will be supported and encouraged to choose their own writing outcomes. These writing outcome will then be published and made available to read in our class library and beyond. 



In PE, Year 6 will begin by enjoying a range of activities such as team building activities, athletics, rounders and ultimate Frisbee.



In history, pupils will learn about ‘Crime and Punishment’ in Britain over the last 1000 years.



In Geography, pupils will learn how about the continent of Africa and its diversity.

In addition, they will learn about how and why some natural disasters occur.



In Science, pupils will learn about ‘Evolution and inheritance’ with Mrs Johnson.



(which includes elements of Science/RE/PSHE)

With Mrs McVey, pupils will follow the ‘Life to the Full’ programme as they explore their physical, emotional and spiritual development as unique individuals made in the image and likeness of God. 



In art, Year 6 will take inspiration from Henri Rousseau as they develop sketching, painting and layering skills as they aim to produce a final piece linked to their scientific study of evolution.


Design Technology

In technology, pupils will study gears and pulleys.



In music, Year 6 will continue to study reading music and playing instruments with some control.  Hopefully they will soon be able to sing too and learn to hold parts in songs written for two or three voices.



In French, Year 6 will continue to widen their working vocabulary and learn to read and write simple and compound sentences. Pupils will learn about the similarities and differences between French and English school, will learn to tell the time and will learn to order snacks and drinks at a café.



In computing, Year 6 will be taught by subject specialist (Mr Johnson) who will be teaching blogging.



Homework tasks will be set on a Wednesday and need to be completed and handed in (or submitted) by Monday.  (If tasks are completed earlier than this, they may be handed in of course.)  A Maths and English homework will be set weekly.  This may be a written exercise or an on-line activity. 


Reading Homework- Pupils should read for 30 minutes a day and this should be recorded in their diary.  Reading really does enrich the mind and has proved to have a great impact on progress.  Thank you for your continued support in this area.  (Mrs Wilkin operates a library loan system in class which has a wide choice of Year 6 appropriate books.)


We thank you for your continued help and support as we assess your child and decide upon the best ways to help them to make the progress necessary to meet their aspirational targets.

If you have any worries or queries, please send a message in the home school diary or telephone or e-mail the office.  Many thanks.


REMINDER:  All being well, Bikeability will take place in June.  More details will be sent to you nearer the time.


Year 6 Prayers

End of Year Expectations Year 6


Year 5 and Year 6 Curriculum and Expectations

With the new National Curriculum, the Department for Education has produced new expectations for the end of each curriculum year. These will replace the old system of levels and provide you as parents with a clear idea of what the children should be achieving at the end of the year.

Below you will find the expectations for Year 5 and Year 6 in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. We have also produced ‘deepening’ targets for parents to show you the targets that the children will be working towards if they have met all of the ‘expected’ targets to master their learning skills.

As a school we report your child’s progress against these end of year expectations at our parent evenings during the year.

The following terms will be used:

· Your child is not on track to meet the end of year national expectations.

· Your child is on track to meet the end of year national expectations .

· Your child is on track to exceed the end of year national expectations.


Any extra support you can provide in helping your child or children to achieve these will benefit them greatly.