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An important part of Catholic Life at St. Giles’ is to ask ourselves who God is calling us to be; we all need to find our ‘vocation’ in life. We believe that God calls each one of us into existence and then calls us to be a living sign of his love for the world; we are created out of love and we are created to love. This means that for Christians, a vocation is not just something that God calls us to do, it is also the person God calls us to be. We aim to fulfil the mission of the Catholic Church and help everyone in our community to begin to recognise their vocation: the person that God intends them to be. We do this through providing children with a wide range of opportunities and experiences to enable them to use and develop their God given gifts and talents as well as providing them with the knowledge and cultural capital that will prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.