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At St. Giles' we identify that D&T does not follow a linear learning process. Therefore, our curriculum enables a constantly evolving learning process where children are able to generate ideas, create prototypes, investigate existing products and evaluate throughout. 


We take inspiration from the D&T Association, using their 'products on a page' to form the basis of our planning. Each project involves practical application of the skills with meaningful and interesting contexts. 



We aim to create inquisitive learners. Our iterative process ensures that children are forming their own ideas and questions based on the knowledge they have gained and the skills they have developed. 


An iterative process is the relationship between a pupil’s ideas and how they are communicated and clarified through activity.


This is an example of how the iterative design and make process might be experienced by an individual pupil during a project.


Design, making and evaluating a holder/purse/wallet for a friend or relative:


During each lesson, children experience activities and tasks such as: