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A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.

National Curriculum.


Our aim throughout St Giles’ is that children develop into a;

Digital Citizen – somebody who is safe and responsible

Digital Creator – somebody who is logical and creative

Digital Communicator – somebody who is digitally literate




We use Purple Mash to support our curriculum across our school. Purple Mash is a cloud-based platform for primary-aged children. It contains a wide range of age-appropriate, creative software tools for writing, drawing, coding, animating and blogging. Through it, teachers provide excellent opportunities for children to express themselves within their Computing lessons. It is also used for homework and has been used very effectively to support home learning too!

Click the image on the left and you will fly over to the St Giles' Purple Mash home page.






The first computer was almost 2.5 meters high and weighed nearly 30,000kg!




Using 2code (either Chimp, Gibbon or Gorilla) - design a code for Mr Hammersley to debug - 30 Dojos if you make it impossible for him to fix!



Computing Hero of the Half Term...

Ada Lovelace


Ada Lovelace was actually an English writer who became the world's first computer programmer. She wrote the program for Charles Babbage's mechanical computer, "The Analytical Engine", in 1844. She wrote the first algorithm to be processed by a machine.