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St Giles' Catholic Primary School

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Grow in Faith and Love

"In our school we value and respect every person as a child of God, as we grow together in faith, and love."

Spring Term

What do we get up to?



This half term, we will be learning about the Magi and their role in the Christmas Story, as well as starting a new unit around parables and miracles. We will look at different parables and miracles and compare them to more modern day stories of today. We will start our unit of Lent later in the term, as well as building more knowledge of the catholic life of the church. 




We will start this half term with a fun filled skills week! This will help us to form the building blocks on which we will read and write over the remainder of the year.

Then, as part of our WOW English unit, we will study the short film 'Bridge', available as a link below. We will use this to identify meaning within texts and then eventually write our fables!

Finally, we will read 'Rapunzel', exploring our descriptive writing and finding new ways we can make our sentences incredibly exciting!





Children will take part in daily phonics sessions, where they will focus on specific sounds every day. Some children will move towards a more spelling focussed phonics session, however the importance is still on reading words.




As we start back after Christmas, we will start a unit on Number and Place Value, where the children will explore the meaning of different numbers. Following this, we will begin work on Addition and Subtraction and finally Multiplication and Division. In each case, children will be required to apply their knowledge to word problems, which will get progressively trickier as they progress.


Please help your children to practise their times tables at home, particularly 5x, 10x and 2x to begin with.


Each week, the children will be tested on their times tables.





The science focus for this term is ‘Animals Including Humans’. Children will learn what it means to keep themselves safe and well as a human, with a focus on healthy eating, keeping clean and exercise! They will explore the hypothesis that 'The taller the child, the faster they are' through planning and conducting their own experiment!



Our topic this term will be 'Dinosaur Planet', which will form the base of Geography, History, Art and D&T lessons.

In Geography, we will look at where the dinosaurs used to live, using our map skills to find different areas around the world.

In History, we will look at fossils, specifically at the life of Mary Anning and her work as a female palaeontologist years ago.

In Art, we will use outdoor materials in order to create a landscape of a dinosaur habitat - we will then use our painting skills to recreate this on paper! We will also use modelling clay to make our own version of fossils!

In D&T we will design a 'Sock-o-saurus' puppet, using our planning and designing skills to ensure that our final piece meets all the criteria given.



PE this half term will be invasion games! We will spend the first few weeks getting to grips with our basic skills, attacking and defending, before putting our skills into practice in game scenarios.

Please ensure that PE kit is in school every day - we will be inside for PE so PE pumps will need to be in school each day.




Homework books will be given out on a Wednesday and should be returned to school, completed, the following Monday, if you wish to hand in before the date then feel free.

In your child’s homework book, there will be weekly sheets explaining work to be completed that week. If your child is unable to complete their homework for any reason, please pop in to school or write a note in their diary.



As per the homework policy of the school, please try to read with your child every night for at least ten minutes. This will greatly benefit their reading progress and will help them in class when working independently. The children will be listened to every week and will take part in group guided reading sessions.



Spellings will be sent home in a child's reading diary homework books and tested during the following week. The words will link in with work covered in Phonics sessions. Spellings from the National Curriculum for Year 2 will also be included as appropriate.