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What is God calling us to be?

Vocations- our Calling from God

We model and teach the children of St Giles' that we are call created in His image and receive a Calling from God. Much of our work in RE, Collective Worship and assemblies focus upon who God has called us to be. In addition to this, we seek to involve others from the parish, diocese and beyond to support this mission, and many of our visitors promote vocation. We work closely with the parish, diocese and charities such as CAFOD and Fr. Hudson's Care, to make God known to all in school. 


David Worrall- CAFOD campaigner and missionary teacher 


Children who lead our faith

At St Giles', we encourage all children to be active in their life of faith. We have our 'Mini-Vinnies' group, who meet weekly with Mrs Howard to promote faith and charitable works within our school. The Mini-Vinnies have been involved in a number of projects this year, including making Bambinellis for each class prayer space, providing much-needed food to the local Food Bank and visiting the sick and elderly in our local community.