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‘Through geography, people learn to value and care for the planet and all its inhabitants.’





Our Geography lessons are structured carefully to develop a secure understanding of the world, applying key cross-curricular skills that develop spiral learning and metacognition in the following areas:


  • Comparing locations;
  • Investigating;
  • Researching different sources;
  • Writing and talking about places;
  • Asking and answering questions.


Locational knowledge

We ensure that children have a secure understanding of where they are in the World and it is essential that children know where they are locally and how their locality links to significant places nearby and nationally. Children understand where places and events take place in the news as well as understanding the features of our planet. This is key to understanding our world.

Look at our school on modern day map!

...and here is a map from the past - can you spot any changes?

This is a map of England - do you know why Staffordshire is highlighted?

Here we are in the world!



Place Knowledge

It is vital that children understand what the place they are studying is like, describing the climate and what the land looks like. Fundamentally, children should be able to describe what it would be like to live there.







Human and Physical Geography

Using a range of maps, atlases and globes, children use different sources to discover urban and rural places, the industries in which it thrives, and its transport links. It covers how the land was formed, and how it has changed over the years. Children investigate how rivers, mountains and volcanoes as well as how they are formed! They discover how these physical features shape the world and how we can work towards a more sustainable future. 




Geographical Skills and Fieldwork

All of the above is taught using practical fieldwork, where children enjoy the outdoors collecting live data to use within the classroom, as well as using a range of maps, scales, atlases and sources of information. Across the school, Children use Digimap to view different styles of maps! Not only does this widen their knowledge of maps, it also encourages their Digital Literacy!

Geography Work Across the School

David Attenborough expresses how we all feel

What can you do at home?

There are many ways you can learn about our amazing planet and appreciate the beautiful landscape in which we live. Here are some links to fun outdoor geographical activities!


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