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Sacramental Preparation


In Year 3 children receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. In preparation for this Sacrament, the children reflect on the fact that they are children of God and that this impacts on the way they treat others.

Through studying Bible stories such as Zacchaeus the tax collector and parables like the Prodigal Son, the children learn about Jesus’ teachings on repentance and forgiveness.

They learn to appreciate that God created humans with free will thus allowing them to make a decision to make good and bad choices. The children learn to think about the consequences of their actions and how this affects their relationship with God.  

The children learn the structure and sequence of the Rite of Reconciliation and are fully prepared to make their Reconciliation in Lent.


Here at St Giles’ we encourage the children to be personal examples of the life of God within us all. We create a rota at the beginning of the year to include the children undertaking sacramental preparation in all aspects of the Mass, from taking up the gifts to reading and serving.  Children are reminded to attend Mass and all the Sacraments.  Our Parish Priest Father Eric works alongside our parents and the school community, in the children's preparation for receiving the sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist. Children then make their first Reconciliation in the Spring term of Year 3 and receive their First Communion during the Summer term.



During year 6, the children prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. The children prepare for the Sacrament at home, in class and in the parish.  

Children are invited to participate in a Mass of enrolment to make a commitment before God that they and their families will take on the responsibilities placed before them.

During Religious Education lessons in school, the children study the Holy Spirit in detail. They look at the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit and think about how these will work in their future lives. The children study the events of Pentecost and think about how they will be like the disciples when the Holy Spirit comes down upon them. As Confirmation is a Sacrament of initiation, the children explore how Baptism and Confirmation are linked, focusing in particular at the signs and symbols used in both.

As part of their work, children prepare a project on the saint of their choice. They are encouraged to select the name of a saint who has inspired them in some way. A sponsor is also chosen and has the role of supporting the child in their spiritual life. The children also have the opportunity of taking part in spiritual retreats which enrich and deepen the understanding of their faith. 

Alongside their lessons in school, the children attend Mass with their families each week and pray at home as a family. The children are encouraged to read Bible stories together and discuss their Religious Education lessons. 

The day itself is a great celebration with children, parents, clergy, staff and members of the parish.


Prayer linked to Confirmation


Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Come, Holy Spirit,

fill the hearts of your faithful,

and kindle in them the fire of your love.

Send forth your Spirit,

and they shall be created,

and you will renew the face of the earth.


O God, who has taught the hearts of the faithful

by the light of the Holy Spirit,

grant that by the gift of the same Spirit

we may be always truly wise,

and ever rejoice in his consolation,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.