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Welcome to the class page of Year 2!

Mr Hammersley and Mrs Leese


Come and see our classroom! Everyday and every second of the day you will see us working hard and having so much fun! We are consistently busy in Year 2 as we have lots to learn and explore. We love learning about new things that help our brains to grow even bigger! We are fantastic at making sure we are confident in whatever we are doing to help us achieve our absolute best! Most importantly, we are resilient learners and whatever the task may be we continue to try our best!


In Year 2, we are beginning to see ourselves as role models for children who are younger than us, so always be on the look out for the most polite and responsible children in the entire school! We know that Year 2 is the end of Key Stage 1, so we are all preparing for life in Key Stage 2. 


A big thank you to all parents and adults who support our children - we couldn't do it without you!

Welcome back!

Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome back! I hope that you have all had the most wonderful break over the Easter holidays. The children have spent a lot of time over the first day or so telling us everything they have been up to – we have been made to feel very jealous! Again, we venture even further into the longest time that this particular class has ever spent at St Giles’ – which is a huge testament to how well they are doing!


The aim of this letter is to explain some important things to help us all through the upcoming term. Please note that lots of the information will be available on our school website:


This coming term our Curriculum Vehicle will be a whole school approach to celebrations. We have many celebrations coming up, including the Queen’s Jubilee and 175 years of St Giles’, so keep an eye out for any exciting events coming up!





In our English lessons this term we will be continuously recapping our basic skills, with constant reminders around handwriting, pencil grip and presentation – this will not just be a focus in English lessons, but across all of our subjects. We will spend a lot of time unpicking the idea of a ‘writing process’, in order to get the children to understand the importance of drafting and checking out own work. A real focus will be around the use of tense, which can be hampered by the way in which children speak – so please correct them if you spot it! The texts we will focus on are ‘Flat Stanley’ by Jeff Brown and various extracts from ‘Poems to Perform’ by Julia Donaldson. Our reading will still be led by Read, Write, Inc and children will continue to improve their fluency throughout the term. Please remember that it is policy to read with your children each night – don’t forget to write in their diary so that we can see how they are getting on.



We will continue to recap our basic skills within sessions, as well as through homework activities. Our new learning in Maths will be around Time, word problems and we will also be consolidating our learning from previously in the year. Children will also complete the ’22 club’ times table check weekly on a Friday – this will be sent home so that children can practice, with a simple way of success being accessing Times Tables Rock Stars whenever possible.




In RE we will learn all about the importance of Easter and the story surrounding it, with a real focus on the impact that Jesus’ resurrection had on the people around him. We will then look at the community that make up ‘Our Church’, understanding the idea that a church is not just a building! Within this, we will be looking at the Buddhist festival of ‘Vesak’, continuing our exploring into other faiths. Finally, we will be exploring the different elements of ‘The Mass’, unpicking why Father Eric does specific things within the service.




Our Science units this term are both looking at the wonders of different plants! We will recap the basic features of a plant, before moving on to understanding what helps them to grow successfully. We will spend time exploring different plants, drawing and labelling their key features, whilst also seeing what we can grow – without soil! We will also look at which habitats better support the growing of plants, as well as understanding how a food chain is supported through plants too!



Our History unit this term is all about the Great Fire of London! We will explore the facts around the famous event, looking at different sources and discussing which source gives us the best and most reliable information. Our key knowledge will be all about the reasons why the fire spread so quickly, considering how it could have been prevented or stopped even sooner.




In Geography we will consider all features of the local area both human and physical, then compare them with another part of the world – a similar area within Africa! We will focus on our comparative language in order to spot the similarities and differences of the two parts of the world.




Through our Art lessons this term we will be looking closely at the work of Andy Goldsworthy. We will use his art as inspiration for our own natural artistic designs, picking out parts that inspire us within our own creations. Finally, we will look at the work of Spode and how printing can inspire natural pieces of art.



Design and Technology


Our Design and Technology work this term will centre mechanisms, specifically wheels and axels. We will design and create our own (small!) fire engines, looking carefully at how the use of wheels and axels can improve the effectiveness of the vehicles.




PE will start by continue to look at basic skills, this time with a focus firstly on athletics and the different sports within it. This will involve using our bodies to effectively throw, catch and run! We will also be competing in some basic invasion games, honing our team work skills that we have been developing over the year.


Our Computing lessons this term will be driven by Purple Mash, but we will also be using different software in order to broaden the horizons of the children. We will be using different software to make music, as well as using spreadsheets to analyse data too!


A few more important things for this upcoming term:

  • Please ensure that your child is reading as much as possible, as this is especially important at this stage in their learning. This should be written in the child’s diary each night as these are checked each day by myself and Mrs Leese.
  • Please remember that, along with Class Dojo, diaries are a key form of communication between yourselves and us – if you wish to speak to me directly then please get in touch through the school office.
  • Homework will be given out on a Wednesday and due in the following Monday. Homework will include a Maths and English question – most of which will involve discussion and an explanation, as well as some optional ideas to complete as a family! On top of this, I will set a large amount of activities on Education City to complement the learning with the classroom – these can be completed at leisure. Children also have access to Times Tables Rock Stars which will support their recall of times tables.


As always, thank you all for your continued support with your children – we really could not do it without you!


Many thanks,

Mr Hammersley and Mrs Leese

Year 2


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