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Summer Term – Year 2

Mr Hammersley - Mrs Mills

Welcome to the class page of the greatest, most hard working, independent, polite Year 2 class in the entire universe!



Come and see our classroom! You will see us working hard all the time - whatever we are learning about. We are fantastic at making sure we are confident in whatever we are doing. If not? Then we have excellent partners all through the class who are always willing to help us achieve our absolute best!


In Year 2, we are beginning to see ourselves as role models for children who are younger than us, so always be on the look out for the most polite and responsible children - that will be us! Year 2 is the end of Key Stage 1, so we are all preparing for life in Key Stage 2. 


This is a summary of the units of work that we will be studying in Year 2 this term! Our focus for the term is through our vehicle, which is ‘Fire, Fire!’. Through our History lessons, we will be learning all about a famous fire from history, whilst creating an emergency vehicle in our Design and Technology lessons!





We will carry on our hard punctuation work this term, ensuring that we do not forget about our basics of capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We will move forward in to some more complicated punctuation ideas such as commas and apostrophes, as well as continuing with our work on editing our work too! We are well versed in nouns and adjectives so will spend this final term making sure we are just as confident in using verbs and adverbs. Our class texts will be a mixture of poetry and book based: ‘Poems to Perform’, 'The Last Wolf' and ‘The Magic Finger’ which will give us all a more extensive text to get our teeth in to! 



The children will continue to take home a RWI book once a week and a ‘reading for pleasure book’. The RWI book may seem simple but the point of it is that the children can work on their fluency, which is a concern this year - the children must understand what they are reading as well as not becoming robots during their reading time too! The reading for pleasure book can be changed as and when needed, however we will encourage children to read the book more than once to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of the text. The children will be provided with a reading folder and can place this in the ‘book changing’ box if a new book is required.  Please make sure that your child’s reading diary is signed daily. When returning the book to school, please send in the book open at the page that you have read up to, with the diary page open too. The children have been great at this so far this year, so hopefully with a little prompting from home, this can continue relatively easily!

Children will look at expression and intonation in their reading through their unit of poetry - so look out for tips inside poems to help with reading!



In Maths this term we are moving on to Shape. We will be consistently recapping our numbers to 100 as well as basic number bonds to 10 and 20 in every lesson, whilst this time we will be working on our times tables, specifically our 2s, 5s and 10s. Following our work on Shape we will look at measuring in centimetres (cm) and metres(m), as well as comparing and ordering different lengths. After this we will look at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and finally we will move on to Telling the Time! As you can see this term is a very busy Maths term for us in Year 2!  Please do continue to use the NumBots and Times Table Rock Stars  (TTRS) apps at home.  They are a great way for your child to continue to develop their Maths skills!




Our class saint is St Bernadette! We have already spent time learning about her life and why she became a saint. RE units for the Summer term will include; Easter, Pentecost, The Mass and The Church. We are incredibly lucky to have Mrs Howard coming to visit us and helping us take part in a class liturgy and hopefully will be having a visit from Father Eric for our first Mass in a long time!




In our history sessions this term we are looking at the Great Fire of London which links to our vehicle, 'Fire, Fire!'. We will look at various key questions in order to drive our learning:

  • What was it like in London in 1666?
  • What happened on 2nd September 1666 and how do we know?
  • How do we know about the Great Fire?
  • Could anyone have stopped what had happened?
  • What did people do during the Great Fire?
  • What did the King do to make London better after the Great Fire?


In Geography this term we will be focusing on mapping skills, discovering keys, globes, atlases and even creating our own maps! We will use positional and directional language as well as loo carefully at the area around the school to study what human and physical features we can see.



Our Science focus this term is all about plants! We will look at what happens when seeds are spread, as well as how this happens. We will see how seeds and bulbs grow into plants and hopefully get chance to grow and even eat our own cress! After half term we will look at creating our own allotment and growing our own flowers!


Design and Technology

In D&T we will be looking at Mechanisms, specifically through how wheels and axels work! We have had a letter from a very stressed Humpty Dumpty, who needs to get to the hospital as quickly as possible - hopefully we can help him!


In Music we will be using Charanga! The children will be focusing on identifying simple style indicators and instruments used when listening and appraising a piece of music.  The will begin to understand what it means to find the pulse and start to use musical language to describe the music they are listening to and express their feelings towards it. Due to COVID we will not be singing. 



In our Art lessons we will be focusing on the work of Andy Goldsworthy! We will explore the importance of his work throughout history, with a great focus on different creative and weaving techniques. We will use some creative outdoor materials to make an incredible final piece!



In Computing the children will start by ensuring that they have a strong grasp of the importance of Online Safety within and out of school. We will look at making Music using a program, moving on to creating and designing our own images. We will also work on our presentation skills, creating presentations to share with the class. We will import images and media and work on our organisational skills within a computer too!



Our PE days for the upcoming term will be Tuesday and Thursday. PE kits will stay in school until half term when they can be washed and returned after the holiday. Children will dress and change themselves quickly in order to make the most of the PE time. We will be splitting our PE in to Target Games, delivered by our coaching partners at ASM, and Athletics where children will apply their skills into game based scenarios – please ask the children what they have learned in PE and see if they can apply it outside of school!



Homework will be sent home each Wednesday, with an expectation that it will be returned on the following Monday, where it will then be placed in quarantine before marking. Please note that if homework is returned late then it will not be marked until the following week.



Other information

  • Please ensure your child comes with a NAMED water bottle into school every day.
  • As the weather gets colder please make sure that you send a NAMED coat into school with your child
  • Toast can be purchased for break time using parent pay.  Please be aware that this will need to be booked a week in advance.
  • All clothing needs to be clearly NAMED

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