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Autumn Term

 An Afternoon With Wedgwood 


Our Curriculum Vehicle this term is called 'An Afternoon With Wedgwood', where the aim is for the children to hold an afternoon tea for parents and celebrate all of the learning we have completed - whilst serving some excellent hand made food at the same time!



In our English lessons this term we will be focusing on the basic skills at first, making sure that we are secure with our simple sentence structure. Then we will start to add some description into our writing, along with using our conjunctions like 'because' to explain the reasoning for our answers and opinions. The text we will focus on is Rapunzel, looking at lots of different types of the story and how they compare to each other.



Our maths this term will be targeting the children's Place Value knowledge, looking at why a number has a particular value. We will then move on to methods of addition and subtraction, followed by multiplication and division!



RE will be covering the Bible at first, looking into the Old and New Testament; delving deeper into parables and miracles, learning about the life of Jesus and Mary, before moving into Advent as we prepare for the birth of Jesus!



Our Science units this term are 'Animals Including Humans' and 'Living Things and Their Habitats'. Within both units we will focus on the lives and processes of all living things! We will look at how animals have adapted to survive in their habitats, whilst also linking this with food chains and the consumption of food by different species.



Our History unit will focus around our local area! We will explore Cheadle and see how it has changed over time, as well as researching the life and impact of Josiah Wedgwood on the local area. We will spend time looking at the differences between Cheadle past and Cheadle present!



Geography will be a revision of the areas of the United Kingdom, before looking further into the continents and oceans of the world! We will spend some time looking at each ocean individually and identifying the key features from each one!



Through our Art lessons this term we will be looking closely at the work of Vincent Van Gogh. The children will explore how he used different colours and textures, eventually they will be using their explorations to design and create their own version of his famous work, 'Starry Night'.


Design and Technology

Our Design and Technology work this term will centre around food! We will taste and explore different foods in order to give us ideas on how to create the best dips for food! We will use the design process in order to make sure our final creations are something to behold!



PE will start by looking at basic skills , making sure the children have the confidence and ability needed to move on to more advanced skills and sports later on in the year.