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At St. Giles’ Catholic Primary School, we want every child to love learning in PE. We promote active lifestyles throughout our everyday lives, through play and teamwork and want children to discover the link between a healthy body and a healthy mind.







Our 'Olympians' are those children who have gone above and beyond sporting excellence outside of school. Come and see us in school and we will tell you all about our achievements!



Harriet (Year 3)     Alfie (Year 6)      Cariad (Year 4) 

                   Tap               Cricket             Cricket 


We pride ourselves on teamwork at St. Giles' Catholic Primary School -  be it in football with  St. Giles' FC, our world class gymnasts, championship winning swimming team or even during our intra-school team days! Check out the photos below to see our co-operation in action!



This is Finley (Year 3), who wrote a letter to HRH Prince George - who wrote a letter back to him! Finley received a lovely photo of the young Prince, as well as an acknowledgement that both boys support Aston Villa!

A huge part of today's curriculum in PE involves the idea of 'Personal Challenges', so why not try ours? Attempt the sporting challenge once a week (or even once a day if you are feeling brave!) and try to beat your score! Let us know how you are getting on in school so we can add to the Personal Challenge section of the PE board!


Summer Challenge - Shuttle Runs

Let's ditch the Lockdown weight gain and try some shuttle runs! Set 2 cones (or any markers!) 10 feet apart (Ask an adult to help you!) and give yourself one minute. How many times can you run from one cone to another in that one minute? then try again the next day - can you beat your score?