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Year 3

End of Year Expectations Year 3


In RE, we will be learning about the seasons of Easter and Pentecost and the symbols and practices associated with these seasons. We will also be spending time preparing for our sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion by thinking closely about the Eucharist and the importance of prayer and repentance.


We are still enjoying the book ‘Charlotte’s Web’ and we will be writing some letters and finding out how the book concludes. We will then study ‘The Iron Giant’ before turning our attention after half term to ‘Ug’.  Both books are hugely engaging and will provide the opportunity for children to write character descriptions and write their own narratives and non-fiction writing.




This term, we will be refining our division skills, converting units of mass and capacity to solve problems, as well as telling the time in analogue and digital and calculate differences between times. We will also continue to learn our times tables which will be tested every week via the 22 Club. Please ensure that your child practises their times tables for at least five minutes a night – there are some fantastic online games that test times tables recall.


We are fortunate enough to have some of our science lessons being taught by Mrs. Johnson. The topics we will be covering are Plants and Rocks and Soils, where we will be studying different types of rocks and identifying their properties through some hands-on investigations. We will complete scientific enquiries in both topics to study key material and increase our scientific understanding.


This term we will explore some of the historical and geographical features of Cheadle, with a focus on our own special landmark – Pugin’s Gem. We will study and explore the history of St. Giles’ and what makes it so special! 



Our History topic after May Half Term is ‘Stone Age to Iron Age!’ We will be using our artistic skills to create cave paintings, as well as exploring the culture of the Stone Age with a History focus, and thinking about what life was like 2.5 million years ago. We will become cave boys and cave girls and wonder about how we would have communicated with each other and survived in these times.


We will be creating our own dance routines and refining our net and ball techniques.


As in previous terms, there will be a weekly Maths and English homework task set. This is in order to help your child recap key areas of learning covered in class, and to help prepare them to access areas that are about to be taught. Homework books will be given out on a Wednesday and should be returned to school with completed homework the following Monday. Please try to ensure your child practises their spellings for at least five minutes a day – spelling tests are on Wednesdays.


Thank you for supporting the children by hearing them read. Please continue to try to read with your child every night for at least ten minutes, as this greatly benefits their reading progress. The children will be listened to every week and will take part in group guided reading sessions.

As the weather will hopefully be turning warmer, please ensure your child has a bottle of water in school, to stay hydrated and aid their concentration during lessons. Please clearly label your child’s water bottle with their name – we have a few of the same water bottle! Please ensure all uniform is clearly labelled, including PE kits, shoes and coats.

We look forward to working with you and your children over the coming term. Please do not hesitate to contact me if ever you should need to via the school office where an appointment can be made.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Fountain and Mrs Bradley

Year 3 Class Teacher


Year Three Curriculum Letter

Welcome to Year 3! I hope you all had a lovely summer holiday. The children have come back to school enthusiastic and rearing to go. I’m really looking forward to teaching our exciting topics this year and I’m sure the children will have lots of fun!












The first theme we are covering is ‘Belonging’, looking at how we belong to God’s church, including Baptism. We will also be learning and thinking about listening to God’s word at Mass, Advent and Christmas. We are also looking at Reconciliation and how Jesus told us about forgiveness.



The children will continue using the Maths Makes Sense programme, and this term this will involve looking at:

Arithmetic 1: Using vertical written methods for addition and subtraction as well as being able to add and subtract fractions.

Data and Measure: Measuring and labelling lines, calculating distances and distinguishing between clockwise and anti-clockwise turns. We will also be learning how to tell the time using digital and analogue clocks.

Arithmetic 2: Calculating fractions of quantities and amounts.

Reasoning: We will be applying our knowledge of the vertical written methods of addition and subtractions to solve problems linking to our ‘Around the World’ topic, looking at implicit data for populations and distances.



To link in with our topic of ‘Around the World’, we will be looking at stories from different countries around the world, starting with some African tales, before looking at tales from India and Russia. We will be re-telling these stories, changing the endings and using them to inspire newspaper articles.




Our first topic is ‘Animals, including Humans’, exploring what makes a balanced diet, how we keep healthy as well as looking at the skeletons of humans and other animals. We will then move onto looking at plants, learning about what they need to stay healthy and the life cycle of a plant.



We will be exploring the oceans and continents of the world, labelling them and the countries that exist within them. We will be identifying capital cities within countries, as well as exploring artists from around the world; re-acting their work, using their techniques, as well as tasting fruit from other countries and making fruit smoothies!



The children will be creating word documents to write about cross- curricular themes while learning how to amend, save, open and print work, use a spell check and thesaurus, as well as learning to use the copy and paste tool.



Mondays: Swimming

Tuesdays: Games.

Children will be developing their fundamental movement skills of agility, balance and coordination through games and activities.

Please make sure that your child’s named P.E and swimming kit is in school on these days.



To link with our topic, we will be singing songs from around the world, performing them and composing songs of our own!



We will have lots of fun learning French, initially focusing on greetings, saying our names and counting to 10, We will be playing lots of games and singing songs in French!



Reading is a vital skill and enables the children to access the curriculum. The more children read, the greater their progress. We will hear children read at least twice per week. Please support your child by hearing them read at home and signing their reading record, every night. This way, we can ensure your child reaches their full potential and make great progress.



HOMEWORK: Will be given out on Wednesdays, and needs to be returned on Mondays.

In line with the school policy, there will be an English and a Maths activity set each week, as well as a topic-based activity when necessary. Spellings will be tested on Mondays.



Homework due

Spelling test

Swimming kit


P.E kit


Homework issued


My door is always open!

If you have any queries or concerns, please come and have a chat. I am always on the playground at the end of the day, or I can speak to parents by phone, after school.



Curriculum Map Year 3


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


3A: Belonging – We Gather as God’s Family


3B: Reconciliation

3C: Advent


3D: Christmas

3E: We Listen to God’s Word at Mass



3F: Lent

3H: Holy Week


3I: Easter

3J: The Eucharist as a Thanksgiving to God

3K: Pentecost

3K: Pentecost

3J: The Eucharist as a Thanksgiving to God

3G: Prayer


Traditional tale.

Mofaro’s Beautiful Daughters’


Recount – letter


Share Read: Akimbo

A warning tale


Discussion text:


Share Read:

Indian in the cupboard/

The Phoenix


Roman Myth

‘The Minotaur’



Non-chronological report

Share read: The Minotaur

Historical setting story ‘Escape from Pompeii’



Explanation text: How volcanoes erupt

Share Read:

Losing tale ‘The Escaped Panda’



Persuasive text on Panda’s in zoos.

Share Read:

Finding tale

The Stone-aged boy



Instructions ‘How to…’


Share Read:

Stig of the Dump


Place Value Addition & Subtraction Multiplication & Division Measurement


Multiplication & Division Measurement Fractions

Fractions Properties of Shapes Measurement Statistics


Animals including humans






Rocks and soils


Forces and magnets





The Romans


The Stone Age


Around the world




Local area – mill focus



Art Around the World


Fruit from around the world – fruit smooties

Roman mosaics

Clay pots

Trip: Chester



Stone-age homes

Design and technology




Pizza making

Sewing – making a tapestry to show a landmark in Leek

Wheels and axes – stone age cart (strengthening structures)


Amend, save, open and print work

Spell check

Identify which program to use

Use copy and paste

Use thesaurus

Use cut

Compare electronic and printed text

Upload image to learning platform

Use basic features of digital microscopes

Use sound from the internet and network

Use a pc microscope

Use basic data loggers

Organise and interpret data

Create frequency tables, pictograms and bar charts

Compare charts and graphs

Combine text and graphics in layouts

Use text boxes, word art, tables inc (bordering)

Understand portrait and landscape

Create a short animation sequence

Compare ways of messaging

Login to learning platform

Contribute and respond to forums

Compose a piece of music

Insert music and sounds into presentations

Record voice and sounds

Collaborate using ICT Take and acquire images from camera

Use equipment to enhance photography Create own pages on Learning Platform (Inc. uploading pictures/files)

Organise Loops and Phrases

Create a mood Plan a complex sequence of instructions

Solve open-ended problems

Use computer simulations

Enter data into a database

Add new records to database

Search database

Sort database to answer questions

Begin to use hyperlink

Edit images

Operate a control





Outdoor and Adventurous Activities





Enjoy singing songs from memory, following the tune (melody) well.

Perform with others

Make and control long and short sounds, using voices and instruments

Combine sounds with movement and narrative


Repeat and create short rhythmic phrases

Work with a partner to create a sequence of long and short sounds


Listen carefully and recall short rhythmic and melodic patterns

Class orchestra


Perform with others

Use my voice well in lots of ways


Carefully choose and order sounds to achieve an effect or image

Use changes in pitch to express an idea.

Recognise how musical elements can be used together to compose descriptive music


Recognise and use changes in timbre, pitch and dynamics

Dragon scales


Perform with others

Enjoy singing songs from memory, following the tune (melody) well.

Sing and play a range of singing games


Show physical control when playing musical instruments

Create short melodic patterns

Identify and control a variety of sounds on musical instruments with confidence


Identify pulse in music




Playtime games and sports

Months and Numbers to 20


Parts of the body



End of Year Expectations Year 3

Suggested Books for Year 3