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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Mrs Haines, Mrs Wilkin & Mrs Bradley

This is going to be such an exciting year as we start our Year 3 adventure!

I will try and cover as much as possible here but if you still have any questions at all please do get in touch.




Year 3 is an important step in our educational journey as we make the move up into Key Stage 2.  In HISTORY our learning will be journeying through time with a focus on transport, exploring the local area as we focus on our own local history and the old Cheadle railway.  We will be doing some time-travelling in DT as well as we look at the features of castles and have a go at building our own.  In GEOGRAPHY we will ‘travel’ around the United Kingdom finding out about the country we live in.  We also continue our own personal journey of faith in Year 3 as the children start their preparation in RE for receiving the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion later in the year.  We are planning to get out and about too with some much-anticipated trips.  Watch this space!



Autumn Term Curriculum:


RE Our Class Saint is Saint Teresa of Calcutta.  RE units for the Autumn term will include Belonging to God’s Family and Reconciliation, and as we approach Christmas, Advent.  We will also be looking at the Hindu faith. 


We will continue to go to mass in church as a class as well as having liturgies in class.  This is a particularly important year for the children as they start to prepare for their First Holy Communion.



MATHS  The autumn term will start with consolidating our understanding of number and place value.  We will become experts at counting in tens and hundreds up to 1000 and comparing and ordering numbers.  We will have lots of fun using different equipment to represent numbers and mathematical concepts, to strengthen and deepen our understanding. 


Later on we will be building on the foundations laid in KS1 to develop and secure our addition and subtraction.  Throughout all of this we will be doing lots of talking about maths, learning and using mathematical vocabulary.


Please keep encouraging your child to practise times tables at home – if the children know their times tables securely it helps them enormously with their wider maths learning.  Year 3 revises and secures the 2x, 10 and 5x tables and then moves onto 3x, 4x and 8x tables.  The expectation is for instant (3 seconds or less) recall!  This expectation is the same for number bonds for all numbers up to and including 20 eg 2+2=4, 2+8 = 10, 2+17 = 19.  KIRFs will continue to be sent home half-termly.  Please put these somewhere visible – the fridge door is often a good place – as a reminder of which facts need to be learnt.


Your child’s Times Table Rockstar login details have not changed.  The same login details can be used with the NumBots app too.   If anybody has forgotten or mislaid these login details, they will be added to the children’s diaries in due course.


ENGLISH will be taught by Mrs Wilkin. This term we will be learning about how to write the following text types: poetry, instructions, narrative settings, non-chronological reports and persuasive texts.


Reading books will be given to each child once our assessment process has been completed towards the end of this week or the beginning of next week.  This is to ensure that any change in your child’s reading level over the summer has been taken into account.  Please do not worry if it appears as if your child has gone ‘down’ a book band.  Our aim is to develop confident and fluent (100 words per minute) readers and sometimes a less challenging level of reading book is more helpful in encouraging this fluency.


Pupils should read for 25 minutes a day and this should be recorded in their diary.  Reading really does enrich the mind and has proved to have a great impact on progress.  There is also the school library which pupils can use. Thank you for your continued support in this area. 


In addition to daily reading, there is other English homework:


RWI Spelling Words to Log and Learn (5 mins x 5 days)


Grammar focused or comprehension focused (30 minutes)


PE will take place on Mondays and Thursdays.  Monday PE will take place in school and will be led by Mrs Haines.  On Thursdays, a PE specialist from ASM will be teaching Class 3.  During the Autumn Term we will be focussing on fundamental skills, invasion games (eg handball or netball), and dance.


PE kits must stay in school during term time, but will be sent home at half term to be washed.   Please ensure girls have a pair of socks in their PE bags as they will not be allowed to wear tights during a PE lesson.  PE hoodies and joggers are very useful in the Autumn Term for those lessons when we need to be outside.  Children will not be allowed to wear their regular school uniform jumpers and cardigans for PE for hygiene reasons.


SCIENCE will be taught by Miss Swinson, a specialist science teacher. The first unit of work will be on ‘Animals including Humans’ and will over nutrition, diet, skeletons and muscles.  Following this, we will move on to a unit of work on ‘Forces and Magnets’.


In COMPUTING we will be doing some really important work on Internet Safety first before moving on to spreadsheets (a lot more fun than it sounds!), emailing and touch-typing.


We are very excited to start learning FRENCH in Year 3 as a foreign language is part of the KS2 curriculum.  Our focus this term will be on speaking and listening, learning new words and starting to put them into practice having simple conversations with each other. 


Our GEOGRAPHY this term is all about the United Kingdom.  We will find out about the four countries that make up the UK as well as learning about different human and physical features of our nation. 


HISTORY in the Autumn Term will be about our local area with a focus on trade and transport.  We will be investigating the history of transport in our local area, with a focus on finding out about the old Cheadle railway line.   We will also find out about local industries and how Cheadle has changed, as we begin to develop our understanding of chronology and change.  If anybody knows anyone who had anything to do with the railway in Cheadle or any of the local industries, we would love to hear from you.  A short letter sharing your memories, a picture, or even just a five-minute chat via a live link sharing your experience with the children would help bring the history alive.  If you are willing to do more, then that would be brilliant!



ART lessons will be with Miss Phillip.  In our work we will be exploring the work of British sculptor Antony Gormley, using his sculptures to inspire our own creativity.   

DT is going to be all about structures and mechanics.  We will be designing and building our own (model, not life-size!) castles.  After half-term we will move on to creating pneumatic toys.

Our first unit of work in MUSIC will use several songs all focused on how music brings us closer together.  We will learn to sing several songs starting with a country music style song called ‘Home is where the heart is’.  At the same time, we will develop our understanding of a range of musical styles from the 1740s (Handel’s Messiah) to the 1960s (the Loco-Motion) as we listen and respond to different pieces of music each week.




  • The school day starts at 8:40 a.m. and finishes at 3:30p.m.
  • Homework will consist of Maths (30 minutes), English (30 minutes) and one other subject every week.  Other work may also be set.
  • Reading should be logged in diaries each day when your child reads (30 minutes).  If it is a new book, please include the title of the book.  On each occasion, the pages read should be noted and signed by an adult. Pupils should read for 30 minutes a day and this should be recorded in their diary.  Reading really does enrich the mind and has proved to have a great impact on progress.  There is also the school library which pupils can use. Thank you for your continued support in this area. 
  • Socks!   Girls should wear black socks or tights with their winter uniform and white socks should be worn with the summer dress.  Boys should wear black socks with both winter and summer uniforms.  Grey socks are not part of St Giles’ school uniform.
  • PE Kit

Indoor PE uniform: burgundy t-shirt with school badge, black shorts, black socks and black pumps.  Children must have black pumps for indoor PE as trainers may only be worn for outdoor PE.  If your child is wearing tights to school, please make sure they have socks to change into for PE.

Outdoor PE uniform: burgundy t-shirt with school badge, black shorts, black socks and trainers.  The burgundy hoodie and jogging bottoms are optional.

Please ensure your child has the full, correct PE kit in school, even on days when we would not usually do PE, as occasionally timetables change.  PE kits will stay in school during term time and will be sent home for washing at half term.

  • Children should bring water bottles each day; these should also be clearly labelled with your child’s name.  They will be sent home regularly to allow them to be washed.

Please do let us know if there is anything going on at home that will affect your child’s learning, or if you have any questions.  If you have any messages to pass on either Mrs Haines or Mrs Bradley who will be available on the yard at the beginning and end of the day.  Alternatively, you can telephone the school office who will pass a message on to us for you. 

We are looking forward to an amazing year!


Mrs Haines

Year 3 Prayers

End of Year Expectations Year 3

End of Year Expectations Year 3

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