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Autumn Term - Year 4

Miss Naden and Mrs Wilcox


I want to start by saying it has been lovely to get to know our new year 4 class! The children have coped brilliantly and have adapted so well to starting the new school year. We have successfully transitioned into year 4 after what has been a challenging year and we can’t wait to see what the children can achieve. In year 4 we are hardworking, enthusiastic, thoughtful and independent learners with a very exciting year ahead of us!



We will be starting our term by watching a very thought provoking short film called ‘The Present’. It is a fantastically engaging story with brilliant writing opportunities. We will then be moving on to reading Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. This is one of my favourite books which is beautifully illustrated by Quentin Blake. The children will be exploring the book and using their creativity and imaginations to write in a variety of ways.


For the second part of the term we will be reading KrindleKrax by Philip Ridley. This is a very engaging story with an exciting plot and interesting group of characters. We will be exploring different writing opportunities and using our comprehension skills to consider character thoughts, feelings and actions.



Once we have completed the initial assessments, the children will continue to take home an appropriate reading book for their level of ability. Please listen to your child read every night, making a note in their diaries to show that they have read. Each child’s reading progress will be monitored on an individual level and during focused guided reading sessions.



We will be using Read, Write Inc. Spelling in school throughout Key Stage 2. Children explore the spelling pattern for that week though a variety of activities. This is a very exciting and engaging way of learning our spellings, the children had a taster of this in year 3. Based on the Read, Write Inc. work that we are doing, if there is a tricky word or word pattern that they are struggling with, we will make a note in their diary for the children to practice them at home. The children will then be tested on their spellings at certain points during the term.



We have successfully begun our first term by focusing on Place Value. Throughout the term we are going to be doing the following units: 4 digit numbers, addition and subtraction, perimeter and multiplication and subtraction. We will be continuing to support children with a catch up programme following the unusual school year from March: we endeavour to ensure that they feel confident to apply their maths to everyday situations and in cross-curricular opportunities.  It will be important that the children begin to use their metacognitive skills in order to facilitate their learning.


This is a very important year for times tables. During the summer term, year 4 will be tested on their times tables which is why we are focusing more than ever on these. This will be taught through our 22 club, class chanting, games and Times Tables Rockstars. Please continue to practice these at home as much as possible.



This term we will be focusing on the following units:

  • Creation and the story of Abraham
  • Jesus teaches us how to pray
  • Advent
  • Christmas

We will continue to think about our collective worship as a class and we are very happy to say that we will be able to take part in collective worship with Father Eric during the Autumn term following all the social distancing recommendations by the diocese (this will be done safely and considerately in the school hall as class). Also, Mrs Howard will be visiting us to take part in a class liturgy. Although we will be unable to sing, we are committed to ensuring that the children benefit from the catholic life of our school.



Time Team!


Our vehicle this term is called Time Team! This will be studied across the curriculum in a variety of ways. Time team is all about the year 2020 and what it has meant for so many people. We will be making a time capsule about the year 2020. We will be learning about time capsules, in particular looking at examples such as the Blue Peter time capsule. This will inform our planning process, making decisions about what we would like to include. Our capsule will be buried with different items that the children have put together over the term and we will decide on an appropriate place to bury it.


Through our Vehicle, we will explore different aspects of the Science curriculum, specifically states of matter and animals including humans. We will be exploring the changes of state of different materials, from a sold to liquid to a gas. Through this we will be thinking about appropriate materials for our time capsule, making sure that we use a capsule that is air and water tight to protect our items. Also, we will be learning about looking after ourselves, which is more important than ever this year as part of our animals including humans unit.

 In D&T we will be studying levers and linkages. The children will test and construct different mechanisms using appropriate levers and linkages before creating their own story book about their lockdown and home learning experiences.


As part of our Music work this term, under the current restrictions we are unable to sing or play musical instruments. Therefore we are focusing our lessons on Music History. We will be using the BBC Ten Pieces – Trailblazers in Music work to learn about the Doctor Who Theme by Delia Derbyshire. This is a very exiting piece of music which was composed in 1963 and changed the sound of orchestral music for ever.


Linking nicely with our computing work, we will be completing the following units: Making Music, Online Safety and Logo. We will be making our own logo for our time capsule and creating music surrounding the theme of time. The children will continue to use PurpleMash and will be learning about the importance of using the internet safely and appropriately.



Our history unit this term is very exciting! As part of our local study we will be looking into the history of the Pottery Industry. We will learn about Stoke-on-Trent and its rich history, whilst learning about the main innovators within the pottery industry. We will explore the building of the canal systems during the 18th century and its impact on trade before moving on to thinking about the impact of the railways during the 19th Century. Finally, we will consider the lives of those working within the pottery industry, especially children and the legacy of this industry today.



Our geography unit links in nicely with our history work. We will begin by locating cities and counties in the UK focusing on key geographical features. Then we will move on to exploring and locating rivers, we will be using maps of the British Isles to locate and label the main British rivers, add the names of settlements at the mouth of the rivers, and locate and label the mountains/hills where the source of these rivers are found.



Our art lessons this term will be focused around two main themes. Firstly, we will be linking our artwork to the famous pottery designer Clarice Cliff. We will be learning about her style and influences and creating our own pieces in her style. Then we will be moving on to link our artwork with our Geography by creating rivers. We will be exploring a variety of different materials and techniques and looking at artists who take inspiration from rivers.



Our French work this term will focus on the following areas: On the way to school, where in the world is French spoken, on our travels, weather, numbers 21-30 and dates. We will continue to read some familiar words and phrases aloud and pronounce them correctly to develop out pronunciation and fluency when speaking in French.



PE this term is split with ASM sports. I will be teaching Social Distance 1 – which is an adapted unit to learning under the current restrictions and Gymnastics. ASM will be teaching Dance and Yoga this term. Please make sure that PE kits are in school with everything that your child might need. Girls are not able to wear their tights under their shorts, therefore please make sure that they have a pair of socks to wear.



Homework books will be given out on a Wednesday and should be returned to school with a completed homework the following Monday. We will be setting homework virtually where possible to reduce the movement of homework books from home to school. It is also very important that the children continue to practice their times tables every week, we will be setting up competitions and challenges throughout the year using times tables rockstars – so keep an eye out for those!



Other Information

  • Please ensure your child comes with a water bottle into school every day. Water bottles will go home each evening and need to be washed before returning to school the next day.
  • As the weather gets colder please make sure that you send a NAMED coat into school with your child.
  • Toast can be purchased for break time using parent pay.  Please be aware that this will need to be booked a week in advance.
  • All clothing needs to be clearly NAMED.



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