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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Spring 2020

Miss Naden and Mrs Wilcox



We have started the spring term by reading Krindlekrax! It is a fantastic story that is so engaging and exciting, allowing the children to explore the book using their creativity and imaginations to write in a variety of ways.


For the second part of the term we will be looking at advertisements. To do this we will be watching ‘The Little Shoemaker’ which is a short animation about a French man working in his little shoe shop. We will be looking at persuasive features and lots of different examples to create our own advertisements.


Finally, we will be moving on to r a wonderful picture book by Quentin Blake called The Green Ship. As part of this work we will be discovering how changes to settings affect characters’ feelings and writing our own adventure narratives.




We are continuing our work using the Power Maths scheme this term. We will be doing the following units: Multiplication and division, Measure, Fractions I and Fractions II. Please continue to use IXL to continue the work we are doing on these units in school.


We have not reached a very important time of year for times tables. During the summer term, year 4 will be tested on their times tables which is why, as you know, we are focusing more than ever on these. We will be setting weekly tasks on times tables rockstars for children to complete, but please encourage children to practice as much as possible.




This term we will be focusing on the following units:

Old Testament: Moses – King David


Lent – Living as the Followers of Jesus Today

Holy Week


We will continue to think about our collective worship as a class.





Walk like an Egyptian!


Our vehicle this term is called walk like an Egyptian! This will be studied across lots of different subjects to tie it all together.



Through our Vehicle, we will explore different aspects of the Science curriculum, specifically experiments relating to the ancient Egyptians: Cleaning water from the River Nile, Mummifying processes and many more. Our historical studies this term will be focused on the importance of the River Nile to the ancient Egyptian way of life. We will explore how the River Nile affected everyday life, religion and how they worshiped the river god, the building of the pyramids and the role of the River Nile during this. Finally, we will begin to study the life and discover of the famous pharaoh – Tutankhamun.

We will use our geographical knowledge to explore the role of the River Nile to the Ancient Egyptians and compare it with its role in modern society. We will study trade and transport as part of this and will finally move on to look at the desert and River Nile as biomes.

During our art lessons we will use our observational skills to sketch scarab beetles. We will move on to practice a variety of artistic skills and techniques before creating our final scarab beetle designs using clay.

In D&T we will explore, test materials, design, build and evaluate our own model Egyptian boats. To support this exciting process, we will have a trip to Stanley Head Outdoor Adventure Centre. During the day we will be learning about raft building and canoeing to help us to design and build our own model boats.

French we will continue to develop our skills by discussing numbers from 1-30, including comparing them to Egyptian hieroglyphic numbers and we will be learning to say, read and write about the weather.




PE this term is split with ASM sports. Our focus will be Dance and Netball. Throughout, children will continue to develop their skills. Please make sure that PE kits are in school on Mondays and Fridays.



Please listen to your child read every night, making a note in their diaries to show that they have read. Each child’s reading progress will be monitored on an individual level and during focused guided reading sessions.



Homework books will be given out on a Wednesday and should be returned to school with a completed homework the following Monday.



We have began using Read, Write Inc. spelling activities to learn and practice our spellings in class. Each week the children will be practicing the specific spelling pattern and spellings will be sent home if children need more work.


End of Year Expectations Year 4

Suggested Books for Year 4