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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


Spring Term - Year 4

Miss Naden and Mrs Wilcox


Welcome back Year 4! Can you believe that we are nearly half way through the academic year? We continue to be amazed and dazzled by the kindness, resilience and dedication to learning shown by the children in our class every day. We can’t wait to see what you can achieve in 2021!






We had a very successful first term! This term we are going to be focusing on the following units: Multiplication & Subtraction 1, Multiplication & Subtraction 2, Measure, Fractions and Decimals. We will be continuing to support children with a catch up programme following the unusual school year from March: we endeavour to ensure that they feel confident to apply their maths to everyday situations and in cross-curricular opportunities.  It will be important that the children begin to use their metacognitive skills in order to facilitate their learning.


This is a very important year for times tables. During the summer term, year 4 will be tested on their times tables which is why we are focusing more than ever on these. This will be taught through our 22 club, class chanting, games and Times Tables Rockstars. Please continue to practice these at home as much as possible.



This term we will be focusing on the following units:

Christmas, The Old Testament: Moses - King David, Lent and Holy Week.


We will continue to think about our collective worship as a class and we are very happy to say that Mrs Howard will be visiting us to take part in class liturgy. Although we will be unable to sing, we are committed to ensuring that the children benefit from the catholic life of our school.



This term we will be exploring a very exciting and important part of British History. We are going to be exploring the history of the Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Viking invasions in Britain between the years 55BC and 1066. Throughout the unit we will be developing our chronological understanding by studying timelines in relation to other aspects of world history. And we will be using enquiry based learning by studying sources to answer historical questions.

Our key questions include: 

- Why on earth did the Romans leave sunny Italy to invade this cold island on the edge of the empire?

How can we solve the mystery of why this great empire came to an end?

Who were the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings and why did they invade and settle in Britain?

- How well did the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings get on with each other?

- What did the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings leave behind?



During this term we are going to be studying historical settlements in Britain and how they have changed over time. Linking with our work in history, we will compare Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Viking settlements and identify economic activity, population and land use across these historical periods. We will study maps of these different settlements and draw conclusions about the location of the settlements based on our prior knowledge.

Finally, we will compare historical settlements with current maps and identify what has changed and what is the same. We will explore historical place names which are still used today and study how land in the local area was used during the historical periods compared with today. 



Science is split between Miss Naden and Mrs Johnson. 

Miss Naden - Sound

This term we will be developing our understanding of how sounds are made and how we hear sounds all around us. We will identify how sound travels, begin to understand how sounds are made, take part in scientific enquiry through experiments using musical instruments and sound waves. Finally, we will apply our understanding to meet a design brief by investigating, testing, evaluating and selecting appropriate materials for the best insulation against sound.

Mrs Johnson - Electricity

During this term we will be learning all about electrical circuits and testing different materials and their ability to conduct electricity.

You will put your knowledge of circuits on display by building your own circuit to create a buzz-wire game. 



We will be using the adapted Charanga scheme which supports us with our learning whilst we still face restrictions with singing in school. This term we will be doing the following units of work: Mamma Mia by Abba and Lean on Me by Bill Withers.

During these units we will: 

Listen and Appraise - by listening and discussing the music and other music within the same musical style and period.

Musical Activities - Warm Up Games (including vocal warm ups and rhythmic games), Learn to Sing the Song and compose your own lyrics with the Song.




Homework books will be given out on a Wednesday and should be returned to school with a completed homework the following Monday. We will be setting homework virtually where possible to reduce the movement of homework books from home to school. It is also very important that the children continue to practice their times tables every week, we will be setting up competitions and challenges throughout the year using times tables rockstars – so keep an eye out for those!



Other Information

  • Please ensure your child comes with a water bottle into school every day. Water bottles will go home each evening and need to be washed before returning to school the next day.
  • As the weather gets colder please make sure that you send a NAMED coat into school with your child.
  • Toast can be purchased for break time using parent pay.  Please be aware that this will need to be booked a week in advance.
  • All clothing needs to be clearly NAMED.



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