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Summer Term - Year 4

Miss Naden and Mrs Wilcox


Welcome back Year 4 after a lovely Easter break. What an exciting summer term of learning we have planned! We continue to be amazed and dazzled by the kindness, resilience and dedication to learning shown by the children in our class every day. We can’t wait to see what else you can achieve in 2021!




Power Writing

We will be starting the term by writing our People's History texts. Each child will choose an interesting person in their life to interview, gathering information about and event in their life, before writing this interview up in neat. I will be guiding you through the planning and research process for your writing, and then you will be ready to write! After editing, they will be published, and we can read each other’s work!

You will be glad to know that we will also be continuing our personal writing journals, where you write in a genre of your choice!   




This term we are going to be focusing on the following units: Decimals, money, time, statistics and geometry. We will be continuing to support children with a catch up programme following the unusual school year from March: we endeavour to ensure that they feel confident to apply their maths to everyday situations and in cross-curricular opportunities.  It will be important that the children begin to use their metacognitive skills in order to facilitate their learning.


This is a very important year for times tables. During the summer term, year 4 will taking part in the trail times tables test. Although this is not the real assessed version, it is an important way for us to measure their times tables knowledge. This will be taught through our 22 club, class chanting, games and Times Tables Rockstars. Please continue to practice these at home as much as possible.



This term we will be focusing on the following units:

Easter, Pentecost, Sharing in the life of Christ: the church as a community and Special roles & responsibilities.


We will continue to think about our collective worship as a class and we are very happy to say that Mrs Howard will be visiting us to take part in class liturgy and we will be able to take part in Mass on Thursday mornings. Although we will be unable to sing, we are committed to ensuring that the children benefit from the catholic life of our school.



This term we will be exploring one of the ancient civilisations: Egypt. Throughout the unit we will be developing our chronological understanding by studying timelines in relation to other aspects of world history and comparing Ancient Egypt with the other ancient civilisations at the time. We will be using enquiry based learning by studying sources to answer historical questions.

Our key questions include: 

- How can we discover what Ancient Egypt was like over 5,000 years ago?

- What sources of evidence have survived and how were they discovered?

- So who did build the pyramids? Did the Prince of Egypt film get it right?

- What does the evidence tell us about everyday life for men, women and children?

- What did the Ancient Egyptians believe about life afterlife and how do we know?

- What did Ancient Egypt have in common with other civilizations from that time?




During this term we are going to be undertaking a geographical study of the northern & southern hemisphere, the world’s climate zones, the effects of global warming and a focus on contrasting biomes.



Mrs Johnson - Living things and their habitats

During this term we will be learning all about living things and their habitats. We will be identifying how living things can be grouped in a variety of ways, exploring and using classification keys to help group, identify and name a variety of living things in their local and wider environment. Finally, we will move on to recognising that environments can change and that this can sometimes pose dangers to living things.



We will be using the adapted Charanga scheme which supports us with our learning whilst we still face restrictions with singing in school. This term we will be doing the following units of work:

Glockenspiel 2 and Stop!


During these units we will: 

Listen and Appraise - by listening and discussing the music and other music within the same musical style and period.

Musical Activities - Warm Up Games (including vocal warm ups and rhythmic games), learn to play an instrument, learn the notes on a stave, learn to Sing the Song and then compose our own lyrics with the Song.





Year 4 have produced AMAZING pieces of artwork so far this year. During the summer term we will be focusing on Sculptures. We will begin by learning about local artist: Robin Wight and his company FantasyWire. Then we will be linking our artwork to Ancient Egypt by making observational drawings of the Scarab Beetle and experimenting with wire sculpting and manipulating. Finally, we will apply our knowledge to design our Wire sculpture final pieces before making and evaluating our work.



In Design and technology this term we will using our understanding following our previous science unit: Electricity to explore, create, design and make simple circuits and switches.  We will be working towards our product goal which is to: design, make and evaluate a night light for a brother, sister or friend.



PE will be shared between ASM Sports and Miss Naden. We will be doing the following units:

Summer 1 - Tag Rugby (Miss Naden) & Dance (ASM)

Summer 2 - Athletics (Miss Naden) & Football (ASM) 

Please make sure that the correct PE uniform is in school for these PE lessons.



In computing we will be continuing to use PurpleMash. We will be doing the following units of work: Animation, Effective searching, Hardware investigation & Making music.



This term we will continue to develop our French vocabulary, pronunciation and conversational skills during the following units: Animals, The four friends, Animal habits and French comprehension.



Homework will vary week on week. We are currently encouraging the children to use Century Tech and PurpleMash as much as possible. We will be setting homework virtually where possible to reduce the movement of homework books from home to school. It is also very important that the children continue to practice their times tables every week.



Other Information

  • Please ensure your child comes with a water bottle into school every day. Water bottles will go home each evening and need to be washed before returning to school the next day.
  • Toast can be purchased for break time using parent pay.  Please be aware that this will need to be booked a week in advance.
  • All clothing needs to be clearly NAMED.



Year 4 Prayers

End of Year Expectations Year 4

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