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Prayer and Liturgy

Child-led Prayer and Liturgy

Each week, a group of children in each class lead a prayer and liturgy session with their peers. Children reflect on gospel stories as well as lead prayers, songs and other chosen activities. The children select the Bible reading that they want their session to be focused upon. They may choose a text related to the liturgical calendar, their class saint or a theme they would like their class to reflect upon e.g friendship, honesty or forgiveness. 


The sessions are structured around the following parts:


Gather- children gather in a circle with a focus area. They can use candles, rosary beads and other religious artefacts. Some children may choose to hold their session in a different area in our school, not the classroom. 


Listen- children chose a Bible reading linked to their prayer theme


Respond- Children choose one or two ways to respond to the reading. For example, they ask each child to write down a prayer or a promise and put each paper together in a jar. They could place this jar on the class prayer table as a constant reminder for the children throughout the week. 


Go Forth- Children choose a way to go forth, sharing the Good News and following God's mission in their everyday lives. This can be telling others what they've heard, writing a poem or raising awareness.