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"In knowing Jesus, we seek to fulfil our God-given potential. We value every person as we look beyond ourselves in a spirit of charity, forgiveness and honesty"


Welcome to Reception!



Reception Class

Mrs Samuels and Miss Bunce welcome you to Reception class!  In Reception we are the final stage of the EYFS curriculum.  We learn lots of new and exciting things and our teachers help turn us into model school pupils of course! We will be the ones covered in mud, flour, paint, our lunch and generally lots of messy things! This is now you know we have had a fun day!

We have an excited and fun filled half term ahead.  Reception news will be sent out weekly, to keep you up to date with all the fun children are having in Reception class! 


Personal Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

Children will be getting to know the staff at school and their peers.  We will be focusing on turn taking and sharing with our friends.  We will be learning to listen and follow instructions.


Physical Development (PE)

Tuesday is our PE day and ASM will be coming to visit us to play lots of fun games! We learn that exercise helps to keep our bodies healthy!





In literacy this term we will be starting letters and sounds.  Children will start to learn the sounds within phase 2.  These are;



We use cursive writing and all our letters start on the line.  We say “start on the line and you will be fine!” We use letterjoin for our handwriting.  You can practice this at home too! Logins will be sent home in bookbags!

We will be learning to old a pencil using the tripod grip and write our names!


We will be reading the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ and will be making our own story maps!


In maths we will be using lots of different resources to make numbers to 5.  We will be focussing on counting up to 5, showing number in different ways, using different resources to make numbers, recognising numbers to 5, ordering numbers to 5 and singing lots of number songs!


Religious Education (RE)

In RE this half term is Creation – God’s Gifts.  We will be learning about the creation story.  We will thank God for the world and all the gifts he has given us. We will learn about Diwali in our other faiths work, as the Hindu festival of light.




Through our curriculum vehicle we will be studying ‘Understanding the World’ and ‘Expressive Arts and Design’.  Our vehicle is called ‘Happy Harvest!’.  We will be learning all about the harvest festival and celebrating harvest, as we gather together starting school and celebrating all that we have.  We will be creating some awesome autumn crafts such as leaf hedgehogs, tree paintings and leaf printings! We will be going on Autumn walks, exploring using our senses and learning about the changes of the seasons!

In September we have got the local foodbank visiting us to talk to us about how the foodbank works, what we can do to help and even teach us a song!

As part of our vehicle we will be ambassadors for our harvest collection for the foodbank. We will be painting a box for each class for them to put their foodbank donations in and promoting our harvest collection during assembly.  We will learn that we all need food, and a balanced diet to keep our bodies happy and healthy!  Our ‘Happy Harvest’ vehicle will end as we celebrate Harvest in our class assembly, were we will show all the wonderful creations we have made and sing some harvest songs.  We thank God for all that we have been given.


Suggested Books for Reception