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Year 5

                                            Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Mrs Fountain – Mrs Hankinson

It has been a real pleasure meeting the Year 5 class again, and I have been impressed with how they have matured and come to school eager to learn. We have a really exciting vehicle this term and I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun and laughter along the way!

                                                         Autumn Term


Our Class Saint is Saint John Bosco. The RE units we are covering this term are Creation, the Sacraments of the Sick, Parables and Sayings of Jesus and Advent.



Our first unit this term is called the ‘Sport’s Manager’ where we will be focusing on persuasive speeches and writing.  We will be following this with a beautifully illustrated book called ‘The Journey’ where we will be creating some emotive narratives and poetry before moving onto a brilliantly thrilling book called ‘Clockwork’.



Children will be receiving a reading book for their level of ability, once initial assessments have been completed. Please listen to your child read every night, and have their reading diaries signed. We will be monitoring the progress they make during guided reading sessions, as well as hearing your child read.



We will continue to use the Read, Write Inc. Spelling which was introduced last year. It is a great scheme and the children love it! Children explore the spelling pattern for that week and then learn it through fun activities and games. If there is a tricky word or word pattern that your child is struggling with, we will make a note of it in their diary for them to learn and practice at home. Children will then be tested on their spellings at certain points during the term.


We are continuing to follow the Power Maths Scheme and our first unit this year is Place Value. We will then be looking at addition and subtraction methods. Children will also be expected to continue to learn and develop their rapid recall of their Times Tables, and children can practice this using Times Tables Rock Stars. We will also be continuing to run the 22 Club to increase the rapid recall of the times tables facts and their corresponding division facts. This is a key skill and will help children in all areas of maths. After the unusual year last year, we will be supporting them and running catch-up programmes to ensure that children feel confident with their maths skills.


This term our vehicle is called ‘Journeys to Change’

Through our Vehicle, we will be exploring the history of migration and how this has led to the multicultural society we have in Britain today. In history, we will be discovering the positive achievements this has had on our culture and achievements of individuals.


In art, we will be exploring the St Lucian artist called Jean Baptiste, who creates the most amazing pictures by painting on silk. We will be exploring some of his techniques, before creating our own masterpieces!

For Design Technology, we will be discovering how bread is made and tasting a variety of different sorts of bread; before designing and making our own rolls.

In science we are lucky enough to have Mrs Johnson, a specialist teacher from Painsley, who will be teaching one science lesson each week. She will be teaching ‘Earth and Space’ which will involve looking at the Earth, Moon and sun and how they rotate to give us seasons and day and night, as well as describing the planets. Mrs Fountain will be teaching the other lesson each week, looking at ‘Properties and changes in materials’ which will involve separating mixtures and reversible and irreversible changes.

In geography, we will be exploring mountains; looking at how they are formed, volcanoes and where the highest peaks are found in the world.

This will link with our music, which has been composed on the theme of mountains. ‘The Hall of the Mountain King’ composed by Greig will be our inspiration for composing our own mountain music.

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the class again, and I have been impressed with their worth ethic! What a super class!


Things to remember:

PE: All kit will need to be labelled and it will remain in school. It will be returned at the end of every term and half term to be washed and returned. PE will be taught on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Water bottles: Please ensure you have a water bottle in school - NAMED. They will be taken home each night to be washed and re-filled.

Snacks: Please order what you would like for snack on ParentPay for the week. Alternatively, please bring in a piece of fruit for a snack at break.




Spelling weekly

English weekly

Reading weekly

Other subject area


50 mins

30 mins

50 mins

30 mins

5 hours


I want to finish by saying it has been lovely to work with year 5! I have been astounded by how well the children have transitioned back to school after a challenging year, and I can’t wait to see their achievements this year. We will have a lot of fun this year!




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