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Year 5

                                            Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Mrs Fountain and Mrs Hankinson


Spring Term


Welcome back Year 5! What a fabulous start we have made to year 5 – I am so looking forward to seeing what we can achieve this next term. You truly are an incredibly hard working and vivacious class who has shown such resourcefulness and determination.




This term we will be covering the following topics: Baptism, Sikhism, Lent, Holy Week. We Mrs Howard is coming in to deliver some class liturgies, and we will also be planning some of these ourselves. We also look forward to Mass our weekly Gospel assemblies which are currently being held virtually.

Although circumstances at present are different, we will still ensure the Catholic Life of the school in instilled in the children.





Who Let the Gods out?

We will be starting the term by exploring the start of this hilarious and gripping best seller. We will encounter a young Zodiac goddess on a mission, and a mortal, Elliot with a secret he needs to keep from the world. But when the pair accidentally become imprisoned beneath Stonehenge, what will happen when they run into Prisoner 42? We will focus on descriptive writing and our use of figurative language, while re-writing a gripping chapter and exploring the characters.



Home Sweet Home

In the second part of the term, we will be looking at a beautifully made short film clip about friendship. We explore a house that ‘uproots’ itself and finds itself on an epic adventure. We will exploring personification, persuasive writing and being able to write from different viewpoints.



Ice Trap!

In the final weeks of term, we will be exploring Shackleton’s arduous journey across the Antarctic. We will be inferring character’s thoughts and feelings, exploring dilemmas and letter writing.  






Every child has a reading book from our reading scheme. It is imperative that children read at home as it stimulates imagination and expands their understanding of the world. Children should read for 30 minutes each night and have their reading records signed. Children change their reading books when necessary and we ensure we hear them read at school and monitor their reading carefully on a one-to-one basis and during their guided reading sessions.




We are following the robust Read Write Inc. Spelling scheme, which the children are finding engaging and fun!


Once the children have been introduced to the weekly spelling pattern, they complete interactive and written activities to consolidate these and words that are more challenging to each individual are logged in their reading record to learn at home.



Over the Spring Term, we will be completing the following units: Multiplication, Division and Fractions. These will cover the mental and written calculations for multiplication and division, and an in-depth study of fractions, focusing on converting improper fractions and mixed numbers, adding and subtracting fractions, multiplying fractions, and calculating fractions of amounts.


We have access to Maths Flex, which is used alongside the maths scheme, to build confidence and support our catch up programme, so children are able to apply their maths skills in a range of contexts and situations. Times Tables Rockstars and 22 Club are also being used to engage and motivate children to learn their times tables facts, which need to be practiced at home as much as possible.




Mrs Fountain: ‘Animals including humans’

This topic will explore the changes that occur as humans develop to old age as well as comparing the gestation periods of different animals.

Mrs Johnson: ‘Forces’

We are lucky enough to have Mrs Johnson with us, who is our specialist science teacher. She will be teaching us about gravity, air and water resistance as well as mechanisms including pullies, levers and gears. I’m sure we will have fun designing our own buggies!



Our exciting history sessions this term will be discovering the Ancient Greeks.


We will be using a range of primary and secondary sources and artefacts to interpret the past, looking specifically at the life of women, the Battle of Marathon and the impact and influence this incredible Ancient civilisation has had on our society today.



This term we will be exploring the country of Greece. We will discover where Greece is located and where the main physical and human features are situated. We will learn about the Greek culture and festivals, before comparing it to Brazil in South America.


We will also be exploring the biomes in Greece and Brazil and comparing them to Antarctica. We will be exploring how humans and animals can survive in this incredible habitat and find out about some famous explorers.



Describing the planets, building up sentences and making compound sentences. We will then develop this further by describing the seasons and weather.





Mr Johnson, our computing specialist, will be teaching the children ‘Coding’.



Our art focus is drawing, where we will be exploring the work of Alberto Giacometti. Through his work, we will be experimenting with proportion, facial features and tone using a range of media.



In technology, we will be looking at a range of shelters and investigating which materials they made from and how the structures are strengthened. We will then design our own and make our own!



We are continuing to use the Charanga scheme, and this term we will be doing the following units of work: Livin’ on a Prayer and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Through these lessons, we will discuss the music and listen to a range of music within the style, as well as completing fun warm-up games and learning the songs. I’m looking forward to hearing our own lyrics to the songs as well.


Things to remember:

PE: All kit will need to be labelled and it will remain in school. It will be returned at the end of every term and half term to be washed and returned. PE will be taught on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Water bottles: Please ensure you have a water bottle in school - NAMED. They will be taken home each night to be washed and re-filled.

Snacks: Please order what you would like for snack on ParentPay for the week. Alternatively, please bring in a piece of fruit for a snack at break.




Spelling weekly

English weekly

Reading weekly

Other subject area


50 mins

30 mins

50 mins

30 mins

5 hours



Year 5 Prayers

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