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Thank you Miss Samuels!

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                                          Welcome to Year 1


Autumn Term – Year 1

Welcome to Year 1! We were all very excited to start our learning in year 1 this week! The children have settled brilliantly and I am very proud of how well they have adjusted to all the recent changes in school!



This is a summary of the units of work that we will be studying in year 1 this term! Our focus for the term is through our vehicle is ‘Terrific Toys’.  At the end of this we are going to record video tour of our own class toy museum!









We will be using our phonic knowledge to sound out words, focusing on forming sentences by using finger spaces between words.  We will learn how to use capital letters and full stops in our sentences and make sure that we check our sentences make sense!  We will be looking at the texts; Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers – A book all about where we live on Earth and our wonderful world.  Traction Man is here by Mini Grey linking to our ‘terrific toys’ vehicle and Owl Babies by Martin Waddell in the first half term. 


Once the initial assessments have been completed, the children will continue to take home a RWI book once a week and a ‘reading for pleasure book’.  The reading for pleasure book can be changed as and when needed. The children will be provided with a reading folder and can place this in the ‘book changing’ box if a new book is required.  Please make sure that your child’s reading diary is signed daily. When returning the book to school, it would be helpful to open the reading book at the page that you have read to with the diary page open too.  You will be amazed how much time this saves us when looking in the reading diaries.








In Maths this term we are focusing on the skills of counting, recognising and writing numbers to ten in word and number form.  We will be become experts at using the part whole model to partition numbers to 10, creating number bonds and using ten frames as concrete resources to facilitate our maths mastery skills.  Having mastered the part whole model we will use the skills we have developed to add and subtract within 10! Towards the end of the term we will focus on naming and making patterns with 2D and 3D shapes.  Please do continue to use the NumBots app at home.  It’s  a great way for your child to continue to develop their maths skills!




Our class saint is St Francis of Assisi. RE units for the Autumn term will include; Creation, families and celebrations, prayer and advent.  We will also be studying the Jewish festival of Hannukah.  Mrs Howard will come and visit us and we will take part in a class liturgy.






Our topic this term is ‘Toys from the Past’ linking to our ‘Terrific Toys’ vehicle.  We will be looking at toys that we play with today and how they have changed.  The children will learn about toys that children played with during the Victorian era and explore what toys are commonly made of now and in the past.  They will sequence toys from different periods of time from the oldest to newest.  To help children with their understanding of toys in the past I will be asking for any pictures or photos to be send in electronically. We will be working towards making our own toy museum!








In Geography this term we will be focusing on our local area.  We will be studying Cheadle, it’s shops, facilities, landmarks and houses.  We will to name and locate where Cheadle is and to locate and identify the countries and capitals of the United Kingdom. The children will study different types of weather and seasons.








In science this term we will be focusing on our body and our senses.  The children will be able to identify, name, draw and label basic parts of the human body and say which part is associated with each sense.  We will then study everyday materials and think about what toys are made from. We will learn that many objects are made with a certain material for a specific purpose.  The children will describe the simple physical properties of everyday materials.



Design and Technology






In D&T we will be making our very own puppet! The children will explore what puppets are made from and evaluate a selection of puppets.  They will design their own puppet and select the tools that they might need.  They will practice joining techniques and then make and evaluate their finished product.


In music we will be using Charanga! The children will be focusing on identifying simple style indicators and instruments used when listening and appraising a piece of music.  The will begin to understand what it means to find the pulse and start to use musical language to describe the music they are listening to and express their feelings towards it. Due to COVID we will not be singing. 







In our art lessons we will be drawing on surfaces with a variety of media, such as paint, pencils, colouring pencils and pastels.  We will sort, select and discuss different colours using drawing as a way of representing our own world, experiences and ideas. The children will be drawing their own self portrait focusing on proportions when drawing. They will be sketching old and new toys using their pencil skills and studying the artists ‘Andy Warhol’ and Pieter Bruegel.










In computing the children will start by learning to log on to a computer.  They will then learn to sort, collate, edit and store simple digital content e.g. children can name, save and retrieve their work and follow simple instructions to access online resources. We will even become lego builders!








Our PE days for the first half term of Autumn will be Monday and Wednesday with ASM.  PE kits will stay in school until half term when they can be washed and returned after the holiday.  Please try and encourage your child to get themselves dressed themselves at home! It may take a few extra minutes but it makes all the difference when changing for PE! If you could teach your child to button their own shirt that would be wonderful! 10 dojo’s for anyone that learns to button their shirt!










Other Information





  • Please ensure your child comes with a NAMED water bottle into school every day.
  • As the weather gets colder please make sure that you send a NAMED coat into school with your child
  • Toast can be purchased for break time using parent pay.  Please be aware that this will need to be booked a week in advance.
  • All clothing needs to be clearly NAMED


I am on the yard every morning and at the end of the day should you wish to speak to me at any point to pass on a quick message or ask any quick questions.  If a longer appointment is required, please arrange an appointment via the office.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Rachel Samuels











End of Year Expectations Year 1

Suggested Books for Year 1