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Welcome to Reception!



Reception Summer 1 Medium Term Plan – St Giles’ 2018



Maths Makes Sense – Block 5




  • Recognise and say a half when asked, How much is there here? And when shown the symbol ‘½’
  • Say a half cup when shown a half cup and asked How much is there here?



  • Count and match pennies to objects costing up to 10p
  • Say a half when shown the symbol ‘½’ or words ‘a half’ or ‘one half’ and asked What does this say?


  • Write the ½ symbol accurately
  • Copy addition and subtraction Maths Stories with 1-digit whole numbers and half


  • Act a Real Story for an addition and subtraction Maths Story with 1-digit whole numbers and halves, using whole and half cups.
  • Show that two half cups make a whole cup by pretending to glue them together
  • Say what is ‘one more than’ for numbers or objects up to 20.
  • Act out addition and subtraction Real-Life Stories for 1-digit whole numbers, e.g. two parcels, add three parcels, equals four parcels


  • Identify and name 2D shapes
  • Sort 2D shapes by type i.e. tessellating and non-tessellating


  • Use positional language, e.g. left, right, up, down


  • Weigh parcels and say which is heavier/lighter or heaviest/lightest






Focus Text: Animals

  • The Three Little Pigs
  • Billy Goats Gruff


Phonics – Phase 3 –  j,v,w,x,y,z,zz,qu,ch,sh,th,ng,ai,oo,oi,ar,ee,er,oi,ow,er,oa,ur,igh,air,ear,ure – Video of pronunciation of digraphs and trigraphs


Tricky Word Songs; – Epic Phonics


Phase 4 – Focuses on writing using the phase 3 sounds


This term we will be focusing on writing sentences.

Understanding the World


ICT – With Mrs Ottley weekly


Seasons  - Summer



  • Mother and baby animals
  • Types of animals – jungle, farm, pets
  • Pets visiting
  • How to look after pets



See activities in Expressive Arts and Design


Expressive Arts and Design


Music and Drama– Alison Medley


Animals –

  • Painting animals
  • Educational visit – Peak Wildlife Park?
  • Junk modelling animals
  • Chalking in our outside area





Monday’s with Ms Kettrick


Fine motor skills – daily handwriting, playdough, bead threading, threading cards, picking up objects with tweezers




Unit I Easter

Unit J Pentecost



Spring Term Information.

Phonics workshop power point presentation.

Early Years End of Year expectations

Summer Term information 2017

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

Suggested Books for Reception