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St Giles' Catholic Primary School

Part of the Painsley Catholic Academy

Grow in Faith and Love

"In our school we value and respect every person as a child of God, as we grow together in faith, and love."


Come and meet the staff at our school.

St Giles’ Staff – September 2018




Gill Wretham

Principal (DDSL)

Claire Wilkin

Vice Principal (DSL)

Rachel Samuels

YR Teacher (SEN)

Ellen Goodstadt

Y1 Teacher (DDSL)

Jourdan Atkinson

Y2 Teacher

Clare Fountain

Y3 Teacher

Harriet Naden

Y4 Teacher

Kate Haines

Y5 Teacher

Julia McVey

Y6 Teacher

Susan Ridge

Supply Teacher

Maria Ottley

Computing Teacher

Nicola Bradley

Teaching Assistant

Lauren Roberts

Teaching Assistant

Amanda Tideswell

Teaching Assistant

Sandra Mills

Teaching Assistant

Clare Hankinson

Teaching Assistant/Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Tracey Bunce

Teaching Assistant

Helen Wilcox

Teaching Assistant

Hilary Shaughnessy

Teaching Assistant

Jean Thompson

Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor

Catherine Whitehurst

Cashier/Lunchtime Supervisor/Breakfast Club

Ann Leeson

Lunchtime Supervisor

Claire Booth

Lunchtime Supervisor

Claire Weaver

Lunchtime Supervisor

Pauline Pointon

Lunchtime Supervisor

Diane Keates

Lunchtime Supervisor

Claire Parker

Lunchtime Supervisor

Sara Brown

Catering Supervisor/Breakfast Club

Lyn Watts

Catering Assistant

Gemma Adams

Catering Assistant

Elaine Wilcox

Office Support Manager

Amanda Gordon

Clerical Assistant

Peter Brown


Susan Fowell

Cleaner/Catering Assistant

Charlene Hackett


Ben Jones

ICT Technician

Sept 2018

Chief Executive of the Painsley Catholic Academy and the Chair of Board of Directors