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Prayer and worship are at the heart of our school life as it is through this time of speaking and listening with God that staff and pupils develop their personal relationship with Him. It weaves through every day beginning with morning prayer, grace before and after meals and our end of the day prayer. Children also participate in a daily act of worship through assemblies, liturgies and services as classes, Key Stages or a whole school. We regularly attend Mass with the parish at our neighbouring St Giles’ Catholic Church. Parents are regularly invited to attend school assemblies as well as services at St Giles’ Church.

Peer-led worship offers children the opportunity to own and share their faith with one another. Whether it be through leading prayer for one another, or planning and leading collective worship for their class or even the whole school, the liturgical year and the Diocesan RE scheme ‘Learning and Growing as the people of God’ provides us with a framework for a full and vibrant faith-life in our school.